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281 Voortrekker Road

Parow (next door to Harlequin Restaurant)

(t) 021 930 3274 /   (f) 086 600 8990

(e) pastatoday@iburst.co.za

About Us

I landed in South Africa in 1965 as a young man.

I fell in love with this country the moment my feet touched the ground.

20 years ago I had dinner at my fellow Italian friend’s house. His Mamma made a Lasagne that was so good that it took me to my childhood! The next day whilst walking through the Green Point Flee Market, I stumbled upon a kiosk selling Pizza Slices and a thought came to mind. How great would it be, if one could eat Lasagne by Hand?

So excited about the idea, I told my friend about it and I remember as if it was just yesterday, He stopped and turned to look at me and said, “ You must be Crazy!”

As silly as his reply to me was, The idea stuck with me. I wanted to make it, I wanted to make it a reality and not only enjoy it myself, but have the whole of South Africa enjoy and experience it too!

After many trials, I am happy to say that I made it Happen and it is enjoyed all over.

Through the trials of producing this “Eat By Hand Lasagne”, I have created many tantalizing dishes that are not only cost effective, but are made Fresh, then Frozen for your convenience.

All our Foods are Free of Preservatives, Colourants and have no Artificial Flavourants added to them.

I am proud to be able to offer you a bouquet of Delicious and Appetizing meals.

“Bon Appetito”  \ Giuseppe Tassi

Giuseppe Tassi - Owner